The A21 Campaign
March 9, 2010


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I saw you at Women of Faith in Tacoma, the group of ladies I was with were all shocked by the statistics. It made us all sick. We are now checking your website and looking for ways to help. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of us. None of us realised how rampant this is, it must be stopped!

I am absolutely appalled by the horror that is going on to these girls and women. I want to help even it is only to continue to help others to know about this horrendous problem. I became aware of this at a conference and I have not been able to quit thinking about it since. I have personally been drugged and raped twice. The situation could have been far more serious. It makes me so sick to my stomach! Please get involved!!!!

Thank you for educating me on this issue. I had no idea trafficking was this bad. My heart hurts and I want to help. I will spread the word as well as host events in my store to raise awareness and funding. We can't just sit back and do nothing...this is appalling.

What a powerful video! This utterly makes me sick to my stomach that this goes on in our world and women suffer like this. Thank you A21 for all your hard work and dedication to educate and bring this hideous crime into the light.

How powerful! It makes me utterly sick to my stomach to know this goes on in our world.