The A21 Campaign
November 15, 2012


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I am currently involved with an organization in the US, in the state of Ohio called NEOCORR(Northeast Ohio coalition on rescue and restore)that fights human trafficking in Ohio. It has helped close down massage parlors and placed more restrictions on them as far as licensing is concerned and hours of operation. It is in the process of getting legislation to help fight the growing problem of human trafficking. Ohio has 3 major highways that run through it and we also have the highest number of truck stops then any other state, which are hotbeds for trafficking. I just watched a movie at a local church called "Nefarious, merchant of souls' and it is a very powerful movie concerning human trafficking.

This film is brilliantly made. I've recently been surprised by how few people are aware of the horrific facs this video contains. Thank you so much for your work!

You are so correct, we can't change this by ourselves, it takes everyone of us to make this change. Speak up and have a voice... I am!

Sharing now on facebook!

thank you for all these videos and all the work that u are doing!!

Very informative and well needed video to bring an awareness to the world. As a retired police officer, I pray more and more people will become indoctrinated to this heinous crime, especially here in the United States. We need every one to come together and support this organization in their efforts to combat this injustice.